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Cannott add tags to any notes


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I'm running Evernote on windows 7 and I cannot add any tags to any notes what so ever. New notes, old notes, if i "click to add tag", ctrl+alt+T and adding a new tag. None of them work. I have added new tags in the side bar but I cannot assign them to any notes at all. Any ideas? It's driving me mad!

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I see this working for me in version (even with a newly created tag), and have never not seen it work in the 5.x series. Does it work to add your older tags? You may need to open a support request.

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I have not created any tags before so have no old tags. I'm a little bit sceptical that I may not be doing them right, but I'm assuming its easy and quick, i.e. typing in the "Click to add tag..." and pressing enter, but it doesn't work. Also tried clicking the "Note" menu, then "Tag" and adding them that way, but again, still nothing.

Forgive me, but how do I open a support request?!

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