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Sending Emails to my Evernote account

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Recently I received a post from Evernote saying I could send important emails to my Evernote account using my Evernote email address. I've tried this several times but it hasn't worked. What I've done is this: if I have an email I want to save I hit Forward and send it to my Evernote email address. Is this wrong?

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That is exactly how I send my emails to Evernote also.


1.) Just be sure you are using your Evernote email address - From your Evernote web site - go to account settings.

It is a long email address that ends with @m.evernote.com

2.) After sending an email, it can take a few minutes to arrive at the Evernote server.

3.) If you are looking for it in your Windows or Mac client or your mobile device, be sure to sync first (to bring the email down from the cloud to your computer).

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