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Single note lost


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I have lost a single note while checking Evernote at work (PC). I also sync via my iPod and Mac (home). I have checked the Trash folder, of course, and did a search for several terms associated with the note in case it was accidentally moved from one book to another, but it's gone. Oh, and checked the online acct as well. 


Is anyone familiar with this issue? I've seen posts about people losing ALL notes, but not a single note. 

Any ideas on how I might recover this? 



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Most of the time when this occurs it is in the trash, but as you say, you've checked and it isn't there..... This is puzzling. You have done all the major troubleshooting I would typically suggest right off the bat. 


Have you conducted your search through the web interface just in case? 


Perhaps his is worth opening a support ticket. 

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Yeah, I did it through the Web interface as well. The only odd thing that's happened lately is that my iPod Touch 4g (which cannot upgrade to iOS7 [thanks Apple!] was having syncing issues. I had to uninstall EN and then reinstall. I just upgraded to Premium as well, which didn't cause issues on my mobile devices, but did necessitate digging around a bit to tell my Kindle Fire that I was a Premium member. 

I guess I can put in a ticket, cause this does scare me a little. I have notes that I've added to over several years and losing them would be egregious. (All the more reason to backup, I suppose; I'll be adding that to my week's to-do list). 

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