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Finally on vacation I am trying to figure out how to use the Atlas feature, After looking in all of the usual places, and coming up blank, I am resorting to asking fellow users. What is it supposed to do? How do I use it? Many thanks for any advice you may offer. Regards,

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How do you want to use it? 

Atlas (or Places on iOS) just lays your notes on a map based on the location they were created, if location information is available.... how you use that is up to you... 


You can also assign locations, so you could create a note with information pertaining to a particular store, restaurant, park, beach, house, whatever, then using google maps, copy the address or lat/long coordinates into the "location" field. 


Or, you can write vacation journal entries and have your device automatically capture the location, so that when you are back home, you can revisit the journal entry and see on a map the specific location where you wrote that entry to add a better sense of place to your journal ("oh right, that bay was beautiful, I remember it was much better than that bay to the south".... etc")


So, how you use it is really a matter of how you want to use it. 


Perhaps you can tell us specifically what it is you are hoping to do and we might be able to offer some guidance. 

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