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Note going into a loop


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Every now and then I when I click on a certain pdf note, it goes into a crazy loop. Within  a second the note page flashes on and off about twenty times. This continues and the only way to stop is to shut evernote down. The problem reoccurs when I start it up again in the same note. 


This happened about 6 months ago and I had to delete the note and later put the note back in. Everything was ok until this morning and when I opened a completely different note the same thing occured.


I have evernote for windows 5.2.1 on my pc.


Any suggestions. 


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Sounds like possible memory or processor issues - are the PDF files especially large,  or is your pc also busy doing other things when this happens?  I do suggest you raise a support ticket (see below) but also do a house clean to make sure that your system isn't contributing to the problem.

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Hi Gazumped:

I checked the offending note and it's only 185k so not a large file. When I checked on the file it reacted as before. This doesn't happen to any other notes. I also checked the task manager for memory or pc. No problems there, until I click on that not again and the processor shoots up to 100% and I have to shut evernote down.


It's a complete mystery why it only happens on a particular note.


I have, as you suggested, raised a ticket on this subject.


Thanks for your help



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One final suggestion - try opening the file in your note in another PDF reader and re-saving it from there.  Evernote uses Foxit for the note viewer - maybe there's something in that PDF that Foxit doesn't like..


ANyway - let us know what you eventually find out!

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I tried it in Acrobat Reader and Foxit and it opened without problems, although it was difficult to even click on the note as it was flashing like crazy.


It also uses 100% cpu in task manager while its flashing in evernote


// when I refer to flashing, this is the same as any pdf when it first opens on that note. It flashes a couple of times before loading the note. However, on this problem note, the flashing doesn't stop.

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