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Clipper talking to app.yinxiang.com



Hi - I've just installed Little Snitch onto my Mac to see what outbound connections are being made.  When Chrome starts up Little Snitch shows that a connection is being attempted to app.yinxiang.com.  I thought that this was an entirely separate Chinese service (http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2012/05/09/evernote-launches-separate-chinese-service/)?


I'm assuming that this is benign and Clipper is the same irrespective of the Evernote service and just trying to log on to all possible home servers.  Does anyone know if that is right?  If so, I guess I can safely block this connection because I don't use https://www.yinxiang.com/ ...?

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Hi GoLo,

Yeah it's a legit call. The Clipper product is the same for China & International and it can talk to both services. It determines based on a number of factors what service to default to. If you are not regularly on mainland China or have your browser locale set to simplified Chinese you should be able to block this call without any change in product functionality. 

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