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Can't receive email from certain accounts

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I can email items to my Evernote notebook from Yahoo, Gmail and Live.com email addresses.. but..


I don't receive any emails from my custom domain email account that is hosted by outlook.com but has a custom name.


Any ideas?


I have sent around 8 emails from this custom domain to test it over the past 3 days and not one has gotten through, yet emails from all of the other three accounts mentioned have gotten through in a matter of seconds.

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Incoming mail servers sometimes block traffic from some sender servers because they're frequently used by spammers.  They'll also look suspiciously at any mail with 'unusual' sender details,  and maybe your custom name is lighting up their threat board.  Can you send email from any other address at outlook.com?  Try sending copy mails to yourself from the customer address and any others that you can use - have a look at the email header information to see if / how the outlook stuff differs.  If there is a block you'll have to raise a support ticket (see below) to get it looked at - we don't have any access to email details on this forum.

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Thank-you gazumped. I have submitted a ticket as it appears your conclusion is correct. I have some other outlook.com addresses that use outlook.com as the domain name and they work fine. I will hope they can whitelist my email or something. I tried sending to that custom address from Evernote thinking that might be an indication that it was ok, but to no avail.

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Well.. after nearly a month of waiting for help (which they promised), I have given up and will make the switch to One Note unless someone can suggest another possible solution. Evernote is so much better but I need this feature.


Any thoughts?

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