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TipBit - iOS Email management with Evernote integration

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Hi everyone,

I see a lot of people on these forums struggling with some of the limitations endemic to iOS and inter-app operability. I just came across TipBit, an app/service that has recently rebranded/relaunched that has direct tie ins between email, Evernote and various cloud services. 

Check it out at:



Of course, it is also cloud-based so the usual cloud-privacy caveats apply, but, they seem to be pretty clear that they have no intention of monetizing or selling your data. 


I'll be checking it out and will report back when I have some more experience with it. 


EDIT: oops, iPhone ONLY (for now). That knocks is down a few notches on the useful scale. 

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Ok, so UPDATE:

I was able to get my one IMP account (Hosted by Fastmail.fm) connected, but not my Exchange email. 


At this point I requested that they delete my TipBit account. 


Looks like a compelling service but with some growing pains that I do not have the time to put up with at the moment. 


I'd love to see if anyone else has had a different experience. 

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