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(Archived) Issues in Evernote 5.2


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Here are some issues I found in Evernote 5.2 (public release):


- Currently used limit no longer changes. I have uploaded quite a few notes with documents in the last few days, no change in stats. Stuck at 1Mb used.




- Synchronization progress no longer shown. No message at the end of the sync either. (Well, on Win7 PC I am getting Synchronization complete message, on Win 8.1 Pro not)


- Problem with PDF attachments. I have attached a few "secure" PDFs, text copying is not allowed. For some reason I can copy text from these files in Evernote. Strange. I've opened them from Evernote in Adobe Reader and, indeed, text cannot be copied. They are standard PDFs (not scanned, created from word documents), they must be searchable, but text copying/extraction should be prohibited.


- Undo note changes does not revert changes properly. Add a space (or anything) to an exiting note, undo the change (Ctrl + Z) -> the note's text is reverted, but Updated date/time is not. Thus, the note gets synced as changed with new updated date/time.


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Another one that has already been kind of fixed before but now re-appeared:


-when the focus is on notes list or notes details, mouse-scrolling does not work in the left notebook column. The only option for navigating then is clicking the scroll bar with the mouse cursor and finding the active notebook to click on, in order to not be forced to click any other notebook to be able to scroll again.

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