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  1. Apparently Evernote has made a change in the behavior of the "Copy Note Link" without providing us with any formal notice. You'd think something major like this would at least be in the Release Notes. The behavior now is to paste the external version (https) of the link when pasting into other apps. I hate this change. I use Copy Note Link almost every day to paste the internal link into apps like Outlook Calendar. This is something I cannot understand with Evernote. It is not the first software on the planet to deal with the need to paste with different formats. Thouthands of others have done it before and there is a standard solution for it. Basically, programs copy to the clipboard in MULTIPLE formats, allowing the target of paste to choose the best supported format. It is also possible to register own format id with clipboard and copy with both, plain text http format and evernote-style link. When pasting to Evernote check for presence of evernote-style link in clipboard and paste it, otherwise paste regular URL. Other programs do not know about Evertnote clipboard type at all and will always paste the good old text (http). Why re-inventing a wheel? Holding Ctrl + go to menu and select Copy Note Link is an awful solution. Very un-intuitive and counterproductive.
  2. I have asked for this couple of times before. Is has been awhile since EV added ANYTHING useful to the note-editing/formating itself... I wouldn't hold my breath for the new features.
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