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Contextual Reminder E-mails

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Has anyone found a way to change the e-mail address that reminders are sent to depending on context / tags? I'd like to send my work related reminders to my work e-mail and my personal reminders to my personal account based on a tag in the note. Evernote only sends to the account related email (in my case, my personal e-mail) and am looking for a way to send to multiple addresses.

Maybe using IFTTT?

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Evernote sends only to one address but I'd imagine most mail clients would be able to forward the email somewhere else after it hits your account,  provided the reminder has a trigger word in the heading.  


At its most simple,  including 'work' in all your work-related reminders and 'home' (or something) in the others would allow you to set a couple of rules that 'If the subject line contains the word 'work'...send it to...'  and 'If the subject contains 'home'...'

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The only challenge is that the reminder email does not include any tags, so I would have to add it to the title of every note and that somewhat defeats the purpose.

Thanks for the feed back, though.

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