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Ink Note - full screen (to get rid of 'toolbars') ?

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I'm trying Ink Notes on a Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet convertible.


My only issue is that so much screen space is lost to the Evernote 'chrome'.   This bothers me about Evernote in general, but using Ink Notes on a smallish, landscape, screen it is even more bothersome.


I opened the Ink Note in a separate Window, and this helps, of course, but the note still has 3 toolbars:

- notebook, tags

- created, update

- ink note toolbar


This Windows tablet only works in landscape mode, so though each toolbar is very small it takes up the entire width of a line.  The 3 toolbars could easily fit on one line, but that doesn't appear to be an option.


Ideally I would hide at least the first two toolbars - I don't think this is possible but want to double check here before giving up (it makes a huge difference to usability).





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I just tried the new handwriting feature on Android and must say that it is much better then on the 'ink note' feature on Windows.


Most importantly, the Android app respects the user's screen space, while the Windows app is quite the opposite.


It is a shame, however, that the Android and Windows' drawing capability are incompatible - a drawing started on one can not be continued with the other.


Finally, I was mistaken in thinking that my Windows laptop/tablet would only do landscape.  I have figured out how to rotate it to portrait mode and the problem (of the toolbars wasting lots of screen space) is not nearly as bad in portrait mode.   So, the problem is solved for me: stick to portrait mode in Windows.

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