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  1. For longer notes I'm using Google Docs, where I love the document outline feature, and for shorter (to-do type) stuff I'm using workflowy. For Docs, I reduce the page margins to zero and in some cases change the page orientation to landscape to make it more suited to notes versus documents. I looked at Microsoft Onenote and I really liked the functionality - it is the closest equivelent to evernote - but I found it to be too slow when used in the browser. If I were a regular Office user then I probably would have gone with OneNote anyway but I'm not.
  2. tl;dr better to bite the bullet and use a service like CloudHQ to move your notes to a better service - there are lots of great options now. That is not a great solution, in my opinion. Every extension you add to your browser is then always running and consuming resources - so to add an extension for just 1 site is a dubious proposition. Particulary when it doesn't fully solve the problem - there is still enough delay to disrupt my flow. I've also been surprised at how often an inocolous looking extension can cause wierd problems on other pages, ie. before reporting an issue with another site, make sure to disable all extensions and re-test. I do use a few extensions, but I don't want to add another as a half-work-around for 1 site. So I pursued a more drastic solution: CloudHQ. It allowed me to move everything to other services. I've been with Evernote pretty much since the beginnning and I had my work and life in EN, so this was a big decision for me, but EN has changed, and making such an anti-user change as the one being discussed in this thread is a symptom of a deeper change. Finding better alternatives to Evernote was easy (there are so many options now) but even with CloudHQ, moving all my notes, attachments, etc. was not easy. Now that it's done though I've very happy with the new service and to have left EN behind. I feel quite badly about all the people to whom I recommended EN in the early years, but it really was one of the best solutions back then and I guess change is inevitably... so users need to remain open to changing their choices and should avoid getting to stuck on any one solution service. I hope you all find the solutions that are right for you.
  3. There is no site comparable to EN, and I've now tried many of them, that does what EN now does, so I don't see how it is 'compliance'. I think we've had this discussion before - the other site you are talking about is Facebook. That is one other site, unrelated to EN, and a site with the lowest standards around for privacy. The idea that "EN can't be held accountable" makes no sense to me. EN was having financial difficulties amid flattening sub growth so they brough in a new CEO to wring more money from existing subs. Soon after they increased their rates and made changes so users wouldn't know when they were going to be charged, changed their privacy policy, and added the change we are discussing. It's not an unusual situation, but it's bad news for long term users like us.
  4. I'm part way thru moving my stuff from EN to a combination of G-Docs and Workflowy, and it's a lot of work! (is there an a tool for converting an EN to a G-doc?) Does anyone know anything about when this supposed major update to EN web will occur? Like others, I've got my fingers crossed that they will reverse this crazy change in that new version, at least for users' who are already paying so they shouldn't need to gather extra data about the links we click.
  5. I apologize if I'm being rude, but I'm irked because EN is now doing some nasty stuff and people seem to be bending over backwards to defend them here. And I felt that the connection with Facebook change is case in point. The change being discussed here also happened at the time that EN changed their terms of service so they could mine user's data (that seemed to be the general interpretation of the media). The possible connection with this is readily apparent and yet people seem very reluctant to connect those and that's the very same company. I've put my work and life into evernote since 2009, so I get the desire to believe the best and the instinct to defend them, but they appear to have moved into a new mode of operation now and this particular change exemplifies that: they have really sacraficed usability just to squeeze a little more money out of their users. If there was a more innocent explanation I think they would have commented by now. Silence (and timing) speak volumes! It's going to take me huge work to move off EN. I've taken the first step by using Workflowy and Drive as my daily note taking tools instead, but I won't move all my data until I see whether they have a change of heart with the new web interface. But if we all just find excuses for them on this, I think that they will be less likely to cave in and revert.
  6. Just because the worst privacy offender in an unrelated business does it so it is standard practice? What? Again, I've been trying Evernote alternatives recently and none of them do anything so obnoxious and anti-user. And I'm paying for EN, whereas Facebook is purely ad based - they depend on knowing stuff like which links I clicked on - I'm not surprised when they sacrafice my productiivity to gather data on me.
  7. Because of this issue I've been trying other note taking apps and not one of them does this, so I don't consider it standard practice.
  8. This has to be easy to fix. I say that both as a developer and because it is a behavior that they added one day that appears to be independent of any other behaviors - so all they would have to do is back out those changes.
  9. Ah, very useful info, thanks! Now that I've paid for another year I was wary of down-grading ahead of time. I've recently been experimenting with alternatives to EN because of the link warning issue and have found that a combination of workflowy and google docs works well for me. None of the tools I've tried exhibit this obnoxious new behavior: with all of them I just click a link and go straight to the link destination! I'm very sad that EN has gone into this 'milk existing customers' mode - and it will take a lot of work for me to move away fully - but the way my account got renewed just re-confirms for me the need to move to something else.
  10. Warning: because of this issue I was not planning to renew my EN subscription - it just auto-renewed for a year. You get no warning it is going to renew and there is nothing you can change or set in your account ahead of time, and they increased the amount by 1/3! Make sure you put a warning in your calendar about this !
  11. For Evernote to degrade the service like this, without any explanation, is pretty nasty IMO. I often use Evernotes for research, so my notes are full of links that I'm frequently clicking on - so this change really affects me! And just switching to another product is not easy - I've been a paid user for many years and have a huge amount on Evernote. I've implemented the 'custom javascript' hack noted above, and it helps a little, but it is slow so the change still really slows me down So now I wait for the redesign, with fingers crossed, hoping they address this problem. At least they could allow paying customers to turn it off via a setting.
  12. But my issue is with Google Sign-in specifically. My problem is that it doesn't "remember you" the way that normal sign-in does. I've used Google/Facebook/twitter/etc sign-in on other sites and not had this problem so I wonder if there is an issue with evernote's google sign-in.
  13. When I use 'sign-in with google' I have to sign-in every time. Is this by design? Would be nice if it had a 'remember me' option the same way that normal sign-in does. As it is now, it isn't really faster.
  14. Thanks @kirob, I installed that and it seems to work fine. There is still some delay though, and I do not consider this an ideal resolution to the problem - I prefer to keep my extensions to a minimum - so I will keep hoping that EN reverses this silliness.
  15. It's pretty hard to understand why they would have made this change in the first place. I wonder if it is related to the changes they made to their terms-of-service about a month ago - that they got in so much trouble for. In other words, that this is about data mining their customers behaviour - making a record of which links we click on. It's hard to see why else they would do something that so clearly reduces usability, has no other obvious utility, and wasn't necessary until around the time they changed their TOS.
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