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EN & Excel data transfer

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I'm still fairly new to EN but a whiz at Excel. I'm trying to consolidate data from Excel into an established EN account.  Is there anyway to "link" the two? I have data that I would like to transfer into corresponding notebooks based on an ID number. Specifically, I am working with homeless youth and have notebooks on each youth.  I can extract new information about the youth from a database into Excel.  Is it possible to transfer new information on each youth into his or her individual notebook?


Thanks so much for any help or guidance.

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Are you trying to do this dynamically (as in keep Evernote and the database up-to-date with each other)? Or as a one-shot per individual use?

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Any ideas or is this impossible?  Both EN and Excel contain the student's ID number. I was hoping to be able to write a script or something to transfer data from a certain column from excel into corresponding notebook if student ID number matches. 

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