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Clip full page instead of clip full screen



I'm wondering if there's anyway to find a way to get a shortcut within the evernote app for Lion to clip the full page instead of just full screen?


I'm pretty sure that it was no problem to do so until I updated to Version 5.4.4


If there's no way to implement clip full page without having to use any other program, add-on, extension is it possible to downgrade Evernote?


A couple of months ago after I updated I tried to find the older version but wasn't successful.


Any help will be gratefully appreciated :)



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thank you for your answers..


and sorry I  made a mistake


my question is actually the opposite from what I wrote..


I have tried to change the name of the thread, but I couldn't figure out if that's possible and I just learned that I don't have the right to delete it




My question is

Is there a Clip full page instead of clip full screen shortcut inside the app?
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