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(Archived) Image clipper does not insert associated URL


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I use the image clipper feature a lot with my Windows Evernote client. I have noticed that the newly created note does not include the URL of the page from which I took my image clip. I would like to see this URL tagged to the note if it exists (just as it does when clipping selected text from a page).

Would this be possible or am I missing something here?

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Could you clarify what you mean by the image clipper? Are you viewing an image in a web browser, and then using the web browser clipper to try to clip that image, or are you using the screen clipper to make an image from part of the screen?

In the latter case, there's no URL associated with the screen clip, because you're just grabbing pixels from the display of your Windows computer. There may be multiple different applications represented on the screen.

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Hi Dave - thanks for the reply. Yes I meant the screen clipper. Your explanation makes sense - it is essentially a screengrab and then a crop, with no associated URL. I just expected to see the URL as when using the text tool a URL is associated. But your explanation made it obvious to me why there is no URL for an image.

Thanks again


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