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Feature Request: Universal Rename Notebooks

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I am an evernote premium user, and currently have 5 premium accounts for our IT team, we use this as a project management, task list, and everything in between. The problem we are currently having is that we'd like to be able to have an owner of a notebook be able to rename the notebook and it renames it for everyone that has access to that notebook. Right now as it stands the owner of the notebook can change the name and it doesn't change for everyone else. This is important because I would like to have the ability to rename a project to "projectname:completed" and keep it on file in the event there is ever anything we need from it in the future. Right now I have to ask everyone to rename that notebook to the name I tell them. 


So can we add a feature that allows the option to sync notebook names. Maybe give it a checkbox option whenever you are sharing the notebook that the user cannot change name that it syncs with the owners naming habits?





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Welsome to the forums,  and thanks for the suggestion - the devs read the comments here,  so your request will be picked up,  though I think they're prioritised on a "greatest good" basis,  and I'm not sure how many IT teams there are in the current user base (60M?  80M?).  You might be onto something though - Evernote do use the app themselves...

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