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EN Web Clipper extension is killing Safari Web Content and Mac memory


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I've been pulling my hair out for the past couple of weeks with a performance problem on my Mac.


After only a few minutes browsing, the process "Safari Web Content" starts to consume all my memory - eventually leaving an 8GB machine with 7MB (not a typo) and the bulk of what's used is gobbled up by Safari Web Content.  The attached screenshot shows how my memory ends up.  post-176649-0-67629900-1392865283_thumb.


I've tried multiple things - re-loading OSX (Mountain Lion), killing Safari .plist files, clearing chase etc.


Finally (I perhaps should have done this earlier) I disabled my extensions (one for LastPass and one for EN) and guess what?


Running without the EN Web Clipper extension, I can visit a string of "busy' (i.e. high graphics) websites and each new site only adds 10-20MB to the Safari Web Content process.


Running with the extension causes huge amounts of space to be allocated to the SWC process.


Bouncing through, say - The Guardian, Huffington Post, Telegraph, Independent, Amazon, various ESPN pages, Pitchfork and a few others all in order:


With the EN extension off - a few hundred MB end up allocated

With the EN extension on - it gets over 3GB.




The problem does appear to be with the EN web clipper.


Has anyone else seen this?  Are there any config or .plist files I can delete, or do I have to run without the clipper going forward?


Any input welcome.


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you may not be wrong....I have experienced the same and am a getting a direct correlation between massive amounts of memory bring consumed and the web clipper being turned on.  When its off  the memory usage is normal (I'm only using two other extensions as well..1password and abp). I tested each extension running by itself and EN extension is using all 8gb of my memory. I can trigger it on demand by saving 13 tabs of websites as a group and then opening them all, then closing all but one and then opening them all again. after about three times of doing this the memory usage jumps quikly to 4gb. doing this same process with just the other extensions running solo results in memory usage barely going over 1GB anf falling back down to 800MB on average.  You say you doubted it was eN doing it b/c you saw the behavior with it not running.  I did too, but I noticed that once its starts using all the memory it will continue to use more and more even after GN is disabled unless I restarted Safari. Restarted safari with it off and the memory issues did not reappear.  started en clipper, memory was consumed, disabled it and the behavior continued. restarted safari with it off and no issues....so in my case there seems to be a definite correlation...guess I'll be turnng it on and off on demand instead of letting it run all the time....

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It happens to me on one of the macs. I have tons of tabs in Safari, but the memory used by Safari is pretty low as Safari doesn't load them in memory until I navigate to those tabs. However, as soon as I click the Evernote web clipper icon trying to clip one page, the memory used by Safari Web Content shoots up from 2GB to 12GB, and everything hangs. I have to force quit Safari... Please fix this!

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