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  1. The title of first note in the displayed notebook does not display properly. I can scroll up and all subsequent notes show their titles OK, but the first one is never displayed properly. In the attachment you can see a hint of the "_" underscore in the first notes title, but that's all you get. Basically the real estate between the line under the note count and the greyed text of the note is unavailable, but only for the top note. Scrolling works for all other note titles. Very weird and annoying.
  2. Yup - that's the answer. I really should have figured that out earlier, duh. Size. I've got my scanner set to default to scan to a jpg with a high resolution (600dpi) - becuase I usually scan old photographs, and store them locally, so the file size doesn't really matter. Importing one of these to an EN note means it's still a large file - 3.8MB. Scanning instead to a gif with an ordinary resolution (72 dpi) gives me a tiny file, around 90KB. And that scans in under a minute. Conclusions: - it works really well - under a minute even for non-Premium - check the file size, dummy. Many thanks to frank.dg and csihilling who commented and helped me find the answer. Yak
  3. Well I'll be damned. I copied this comic strip, and tried syncing a few times.....not 60 seconds later and it worked! I did notice that my attachments are .jpg's, and this one is a .gif - does that matter? My .jpgs are high def - about 3.8 MB, so I can't load them here - might that be the problem? I'll try scanning in a lower quality to see if that helps....
  4. OK, so this attempt to scan a single page is coming up on 9 days with no joy. I understand there is a queue, and that non-Premium users are at a lowered priority. But if this goes over two weeks, I think it's safe to say that either a - there's something unusual about my document, or b - it doesn't work. I don't know what else to test - I loaded the same document a few days after the first, in a separate note, and then loaded a different document (also 1 page) about 6 days after the first. Does anyone have a similar experience, or can anyone confirm that they are syncing OK on a non-Premium account?
  5. All I've done so far is load a second note with the same image, and a third note with a separate image that's in a different font.
  6. 5 days as of Friday 1pm MST. I'll check back in here next week with an update. At the moment it is clear that for 1 page, on a non-Premium account, this is days/weeks not hours. I'm concerned that for many pages (I might need about 300-500) this is not really going to be viable. I'd welcome feedback on Premium sync timing, since that might be a way to go once I've seen this page get synced. No complaints or anything, just trying to set an expectation on timing.
  7. This sync of a single document is now coming up on 3 days with no success, in case anyone is following this.
  8. Yeah, mine's for an image too, not a PDF. If I just had a sense that (a) it works OK and ( I know how long it will take, I'd be happier. Good idea on the scanner. I have a terrible scanner (an HP Photosmart C4680) and I really need a flatbed, but I'll look at those with OCR built in, good idea, thanks.
  9. Thanks for the responses. I'm on a Mac, so those Windows options aren't available for me. I tried searching on the Web client as recommended - nothing there either. This isn't an urgent requirement, but I am interested to see that what folks have suggested might take hours, is running into days. Just a text before I scan a ton of documents, so it's useful to set my expectation. It would be nice if Evernote could provide a timer somewhere, that indicates the approximate throughout for this activity.
  10. How long does this take, on average? I added a scanned typed document about 30 hours ago, and still nothing. I do understand that as a non-Premium member I'm in a queue....
  11. Correction: its not the EN Web Clipper. This very weird problem manifested itself a few minutes later, behaving the same way, without extensions running. Very odd. I'd still welcome any smart Mac people chiming in with ideas though!
  12. I've been pulling my hair out for the past couple of weeks with a performance problem on my Mac. After only a few minutes browsing, the process "Safari Web Content" starts to consume all my memory - eventually leaving an 8GB machine with 7MB (not a typo) and the bulk of what's used is gobbled up by Safari Web Content. The attached screenshot shows how my memory ends up. I've tried multiple things - re-loading OSX (Mountain Lion), killing Safari .plist files, clearing chase etc. Finally (I perhaps should have done this earlier) I disabled my extensions (one for LastPass and one for EN) and guess what? Running without the EN Web Clipper extension, I can visit a string of "busy' (i.e. high graphics) websites and each new site only adds 10-20MB to the Safari Web Content process. Running with the extension causes huge amounts of space to be allocated to the SWC process. Bouncing through, say - The Guardian, Huffington Post, Telegraph, Independent, Amazon, various ESPN pages, Pitchfork and a few others all in order: With the EN extension off - a few hundred MB end up allocated With the EN extension on - it gets over 3GB. 3GB!!! The problem does appear to be with the EN web clipper. Has anyone else seen this? Are there any config or .plist files I can delete, or do I have to run without the clipper going forward? Any input welcome. Ian
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