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Why so difficult to make a good iOS mobile Safari web clipper?

Ben Yu


I've been using Evernote since… I don't know how long, but it's been years. Still, the iOS Mobile Safari web clipper is officially unsupported, doesn't work well because it's not optimized for mobile iOS devices, etc. But what gives? Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) and other clipping/saving apps seem to have little issue. It's not even a consistent "not working". Sometimes the popup window doesn't show at all. Sometimes it shows, but I have to reload the page first before it works. Sometimes it shows the popup but says I need to enable 3rd party cookies for it to work. Can't it at least be somewhat limited but at least do something? E.g. - Save the whole page only. Save just the link. Can't add tags. Can't specify a notebook other than the default. Doesn't matter! It's been so many years. Please get something for those of us that don't want to have to open a separate app just to save web content to Evernote (what I mainly use Evernote for). Instead, I end up having to add to Pocket (because their web applet link works really fast and really well without having to log in again every week), then open Pocket and send to Evernote. Really?!?

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I agree, support for mobile safari clipping is... Well, non existent, which is a drag. I hope that they are working to remedy this a bit. Unfortunately, because it doesn't SEEM like it should be that technically challenging, the fact that it hasn't happened yet suggests to me that Evernote has either placed it extremely low on their priority list, or has chosen not to pursue it for the time being. Either way, Evernote does not publish their roadmap or development schedule, so we really just have to wait for it to materialize or not.

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I'm not saying that making Evernote Web Clipper work the way the browser extensions work isn't technically difficult, but rather that other browser bookmarklets for Pocket (Read It Later) or Instapaper, etc. work fine. Also, the Evernote one hasn't changed/been updated for years now I think (a very long time). I understand those other products don't need to do as much, but again, the Evernote one would be better if it was just as limited as Pocket's limited one. My gripe is more how long it's been not functioning well (years), while other products have for so long (even if it's just passing the link only). Just a link is better than nothing working sometimes.

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I agreed with you in my first post, and I still agree with you. 

Sorry Scott. I apparently misunderstood.



iCab Mobile, which is my preferred iOS browser (iPad) for a number of reasons, does a pretty good job clipping to Evernote. Dolphin also clips, though I haven't used it enough to comment much.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm hoping not to have to change so much of how I do everything else just to be able to clip to Evernote (e.g. - stop using synced Safari Reading Lists between iPad, iPhone, and 2 Macs and use a different browser for everything just in case I ever want to clip, start accepting 3rd party cookies just so the web clipper will always work, etc.)

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