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Links that should be text

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What client are you using? If you are using an iPhone or iPad, that is actually iOS's "data detectors" mistaking your SSN for a phone number, zip code or tracking number. 


I believe developers can control data detectors globally, that is, they can tell iOS to "detect NOTHING" or "detect all things", but they cannot pick and choose. 


Because this feature has significant utility in many cases, I suspect Evernote has chosen to leave it ON.


In my opinion, false positives like your SSN are a rather small 'price' to pay for all of the times that id properly detects something usefully. These "links" are harmless and do not really impact the editablity of a note, nor are they "hard-coded" into the note, so when you open it up on another client, or export it or print the text, that formatting will not appear (since it isn't really formatting).  


You should still be able to copy it by tapping and holding NEXT to the actual numbers, it should bring up the little blue selectors which you can then adjust accordingly. ALternativley, try tapping and holding on the "linked" text, it should bring up a contextual menu where you can select "copy"

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