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(Archived) REQUEST: Lock notebooks

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I'd really like it if there was a way to lock certain notebooks so that it takes an extra step to access, and to keep it from displaying on the "all notebooks" main page (optional, I guess). It would make me feel more secure with posing things like passwords, paperwork, or personal journals. When I log into my Evernote, I don't want them to just be out there on the main log in page for everyone behind me to see.

Also, I sometimes let close friends access my recipe notebook, but I'd prefer that they not be able to see everything in my Evernote account.

Just a wishful thought. :(

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I have several "notebooks" in my evernote, one for work and one for personal.

I share my work notebook with ppl in the office, but sometimes they do get to use my computer. And obviously I dont want them to see my personal notebook.

Wish this lock feature can come true soon.


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I would really appreciate it if Evernote supports this feature too.


Encrypting the text in a note does not scale well. You have to go through the process each time to read and update text.


It would be great if:

1. Notebooks can be password protected

2. Text from notes inside these notebooks do not appear in the "Related Notes" pane

3. These notes do not appear in "All Notes" pane


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