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Why i won't renew Evernote premium

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Evernote CEO Phil Libin's recent blog post may sound great, but i have lost hope and patience that Evernote will get all the broken stuff to work. Once my premium subscription runs out, i won't renew it, because i see no point in paying for unfinished, buggy and broken features.


In case you're interested why, here are the reasons: Currently i use Evernote on iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air and sometimes an Android device. Last May Evernote introduced 'Reminders' for Mac, iOS an Web and later for Android. 


Eight months later, a reminder i create in the web app or Mac app doesn't trigger a notification on iPhone and iPad unless i manually open/sync Evernote after creating it. 


Then, iOS 7 was released more than four months ago and Evernote's background sync still doesn't work reliable. And no, this is no problem with iOS 7, but the way Evernote tries to use that system feature and fails its users.


Both problems could be easily resolved if Evernote finally used iOS push notifications. That way, iOS devices would get silently notified about updates and download these or trigger notifications. There are way smaller companies out there that get this right - see Shift Jelly's excellent Pocket Casts, with which i don't have to care if it is running in the background or not -  but Evernote either sees no problem in its current implementation or simply doesn't care, that it doesn't work as it should.


Well, i do and i'll show it with my wallet.

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