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Activity Stream Button Doesn't Update



I've noticed that the Activity Stream Button doesn't update. When I change a date on a reminder, even if I close Evernote and reopen the next day, it is still displaying the old due date. When I delete a note w/ a date, it NEVER leaves the list. This is a bit of a nuisance. Is this on the radar for correction? Is there anything I can do to fix this? I'm running Version 5.4.4 (402282), so I'm on the most current release.


Side issue, on the Evernote Getting Started w/ Evernote page, it is described as follows: Click to view your Activity Stream, which shows updates that have occurred in your Shared Notes, Shared Notebooks and Joined Notebooks. It seems to be more of a list of tasks w/ reminders sorted by due date. Am I missing something? I don't have Shared Notes or Notebooks, and don't have any Joined Notebooks.

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The Activity Stream is simply a historical record of events which have occurred. 

Types of events you might see in the activity stream:

- Reminders becoming due

- You sharing a note

- Notebooks being shared with you

- Other users joining or leaving a shared notebook you belong to

- Other users updating notes in a shared notebook you belong to

- You scanning items using the Scansnap Evernote Edition


These are the same types of events which are displayed in the Mac OS Notification Centre.

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