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  1. That workaround would serve well in a use case where the tasks were related. I often find myself in a situation where I had 10 tasks set for completion yesterday. They are not related. I only have time to complete 3 this week, say on Friday, and the remainder on Tuesday of next week. I want the reminders to go off, so I don't forget. I also need each of the note to have a reminder, not a TOC w/ this ad hoc group. So, I need to select 3, give them the reminder day of Friday and select the remaining 7 and give them a reminder of next Tuesday. Relative to comment about my statement regarding the complexity of this fix seeming easy because I am a programmer, and relating it to finding English easy because someone speaks it, I'd like to clarify my comment. Since it would require a professional programmer at Evernote to think through this and design the method that does the work, I was addressing my comment to that group. The people who wrote and maintain Evernote are MUCH BETTER programmers and techologists than me. I was simply indicating that any one of them could just about do this on their phone in their sleep. It was a comment meant to illustrate my admiration of their inginuity, not to imply that any old guy off the street could fix this. I hope I did not offend anyone.
  2. In case those of you who were discussing the lack of abillity have not yet seen this, there is a way to edit saved searches. (This assumes the saved search isn't below the end of the unscrollable list!) When you put your cursor in the search box, you get your list of saved searches. If you put your cursor over one, an "edit" button appears to the right. Just click that and you can edit your saved search. Interesting that there was a comment from Evernote acknowledging the lack of a scroll bar on this list and indicating it would be fixed soon. That was in 2012. It's now 2015!
  3. It would be great if reminder dates/times could be changed on multiple notes at one time. I could work like Tags and folders in the multi-select view on the desktop version of Evernote. Here are the two use cases: I have multiple notes that are set for the same day so I will remember to review them before the next day's meetings. A few of the meetings get moved out a week. I now have to go to all my notes, select them one-at-a-time, and change the reminder date and time to give me the reminders on the new date. If there was a reminder date/time field in the multi-note screen, I would be able to select all of them and make the change once, having the change replicate to all of the notes requiring a reminder. I have multiple notes with various dates in the past. I was not able to get them taken care of, but I want to be reminded again on a later date. The problem here is that there is no single value that can be pre-populated in the reminder date/time fields on the multi-note screen. No biggie...leave them blank. That will let me know that I have selected one or more notes that have different original dates. If that's a problem, I can unselect and see what's going on. If that was my intent, it' great! I just pick a new date and time and all of the notes get the updated date/time. I'm happy and was able to update multiple notes in one fell swoop!As a programmer, I don't see this as particularly challenging. Just as the logic that allows the tag field to be properly populated when multiple notes are selected, culling only the common tag(s) for display, similar logic could deal with the date/time fields. I relied on this feature in Outlook when I managed my tasks there. You could group by date, collapse the view by date, and drag a collapsed date bar to a new date and have all the tasks updated. Or you could drag single or multi-selected tasks to a new date bar and drop them to have them updated. It's pretty cumbersome to have to deal with this for each note...select note/click the date/select the "Change Date"/click the month advance arrow/select new date. I hope you find this suggesting compelling!
  4. I've noticed that the Activity Stream Button doesn't update. When I change a date on a reminder, even if I close Evernote and reopen the next day, it is still displaying the old due date. When I delete a note w/ a date, it NEVER leaves the list. This is a bit of a nuisance. Is this on the radar for correction? Is there anything I can do to fix this? I'm running Version 5.4.4 (402282), so I'm on the most current release. Side issue, on the Evernote Getting Started w/ Evernote page, it is described as follows: Click to view your Activity Stream, which shows updates that have occurred in your Shared Notes, Shared Notebooks and Joined Notebooks. It seems to be more of a list of tasks w/ reminders sorted by due date. Am I missing something? I don't have Shared Notes or Notebooks, and don't have any Joined Notebooks.
  5. There's a catch-22 here. I have deleted some notes that have been completed. I later noticed that the reminders are still on my reminders list, since I had not marked them done. You can't mark them done if they are in the trash. I decided to just completely delete them from EverNote, figuring this would fix the problem. Nope, now the reminders are still there, but, since I've erased the note, I can't restore it, so there's no way to deal w/ the reminders. May I recommend that marking a note complete be a feature that works even if the note has been deleted. I can see where there would be restrictions on changing the date, but clearing it or marking it complete should be supported. I have NO IDEA now how to get rid of these reminders!
  6. This can now be done. Drag the tag that you want to mass delete to the sidebar. Click on the tag in the sidebar. Now, only notes w/ that Tag will be displayed. Select the notes you want to remove the tag from. Select the tag in the tag window under the notes and hit delete.
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