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  1. That workaround would serve well in a use case where the tasks were related. I often find myself in a situation where I had 10 tasks set for completion yesterday. They are not related. I only have time to complete 3 this week, say on Friday, and the remainder on Tuesday of next week. I want the reminders to go off, so I don't forget. I also need each of the note to have a reminder, not a TOC w/ this ad hoc group. So, I need to select 3, give them the reminder day of Friday and select the remaining 7 and give them a reminder of next Tuesday. Relative to comment about my statement regarding th
  2. It would be great if reminder dates/times could be changed on multiple notes at one time. I could work like Tags and folders in the multi-select view on the desktop version of Evernote. Here are the two use cases: I have multiple notes that are set for the same day so I will remember to review them before the next day's meetings. A few of the meetings get moved out a week. I now have to go to all my notes, select them one-at-a-time, and change the reminder date and time to give me the reminders on the new date. If there was a reminder date/time field in the multi-note screen, I would be able t
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