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(Archived) disk usage for evernote under mac and vista are different

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If you log in to the web service and go to your Settings page there, you can see the actual amount of data that has been transmitted to the service this month.

The clients get this number from the service every time they sync, but they also keep track of notes that you've created on the client but haven't yet synchronized. For example, if you put a 4MB picture into a note on the client, it will show your quota going up by 4MB on that client, even though this hasn't been received by the service.

I think that if you were to empty the trash and hit sync on the Mac, it would send unsynched data to the service and update itself. Then empty the trash and hit Sync on the Vista machine, and they should match up.

If this doesn't get them to the same value, then I'd compare them both against the service to say which is "right".

If one of the clients is consistently wrong, we'd need to figure out the source of the bug. Maybe it's incorrectly tracking the size of notes in the trash or in a local notebook.

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Hi there,

thank you for your reply. after emptying the trash, the usage is equal (between online and local-mac)

does evernote sync the trash? here it might be a bug... (i had a difference between my trashes)

What is steel different are the days left in cycle. under mac it's 5, and online are only 4.

here 2 screenshots.





thank you very much



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If a note has ever been synchronized to the service, then we will synchronize deletions when you put it in the trash, so that it will be properly shown in the trash on all of your computers.

In theory, the clients should be smart about a note that you create and then immediately Trash before synchronizing. These notes won't be synchronized to the service so that temporary accidents don't eat up your quota.

I think that's working correctly, but the client may be counting them against your locally computed "virtual quota", in order to prevent you from accidentally going over your quota by moving the note out of the trash.

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Just as another dual mac / windows user - I also am seeing a discrepancy in the number of days left in cycle. On the mac, it says 29 days, on Windows it says 28.

I vaguely remember noticing this a few months ago, when I noted that my mac had restarted with a fresh cycle but windows still had one day left. I didn't worry to much about it and forgot to get around to posting it here. So I'm thinking whatever this issue is, it has been around a while.

My mac is set up with the date / time set to Mountain Time Zone. On the Windows machine, it is also set to mountain, and the check box for automatically adjusting for daylight savings time is checked (I don't see an equivalent setting on the mac).

I just checked the web version, and it says there are 28 days left, so it seems to be agreeing with windows.

As it happens, I think the Mac version SHOULD be the right one. I just upgraded to premium yesterday, so yesterday should have started a fresh 30-day cycle, which means today there WOULD be 29 days left.

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Ok, thanks. The clients don't actually enforce this date themselves ... all of the monthly transitions are handled on the web service, and the clients just find out the state when they sync.

I'm 99% sure that this is a difference in the rounding methodology used by the two clients for partial days ... I think one is effectively rounding down and the other is rounding up for fractional days, but we'll get it straightened out.

Thanks for the reports.

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