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On Mac, Shortcut to Open Note in New Window

Ethan Shoshin


On a Mac, I'm curious if there is a shortcut to opening a note in a separate window?  I've heard that on Windows you can Shift-Click the note name to do this.  There are times I want just the current note in a separate window so I can have it displayed next to another application on the screen.  I used TextEdit prior to switching to Evernote so I'm used to note window that can free-float on the screen.  I like how in Evernote I can choose to display the note in the application or free-float — I'm just looking for a quick way to toggle between the two.


I realize I can right-click on the note name and select "Show in separate window" but I was hoping there was a key combination that would make this step easier.  Or even a button on the note that I could click... that would be ideal.  Somewhere up near the "share" button or something like that.





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Double click on a note in any list view will open it in a separate window on Mac. You can also use OS X system settings for Keyboard > Shortcuts and create your own shortcut. I have a Swedish system, so I can't guide you in more detail, if you are on another language.

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