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Feature request - character/line position of cursor

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I would like to ask for some new feature. This will help me a lot especially on my Android devices, but I think this can be useful for other users and platforms too. 


I am usually writing my memos, thoughts, notes or even whole part of novels into En on the road, but for some reason (not because of En, but because of other processing tools) those lines must not exceed 512 characters per line. Thus having a small info bar showing position of cursor in classic text editor format like "ln 501 c15" (line 501, col 15) will be highly appreciated. 


Also having small toggle to switch it on/off in settings will be fine, as not everyone likes that.


I guess this is not a big task to add it, what's your opinion? 


Thank you in advance






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Hi - thanks for the suggestion,  I'm sure the devs will take it on board if it's not already part of the route plan.


One thing:  There's no such animal as "I guess this is not a big task to add it" when you're talking about 80M+ potentially angry users...

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thanks, :) I like your comment. suddenly the "angry elephants" term appeared in my mind..


well, if the object model is correctly managed and since this is only a read-only layer - this should not be a big magic. anyway - the suggestion was placed and hopefully heard.


thanks, keep up the good job you are doing.

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