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Tags for Quick notes



I don't see any facility to add a Tag to a quick note at the time it is created   (Control+Command+N) . 

It would be nice to have the option to add the Tag at the time the quick note is created instead of after the fact.


It could be argued that it is a Quick Note and should not require a Tag???



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I think the argument is that you'll make the quicknote quickly, and at some point later on, when you have time and are not hurried, can then review the quicknote and tag it appropriately. 


A counterargument would be, if it is technically easy to do, and will cause minimal additional resources to be used, why NOT add the tagging function to the quicknote dropdown. Those in a hurry can just ignore it, those who might already know how they wish to tag their note can then do so. 


My suspicion:

1) Evernote probably thinks quicknotes can be tagged later, because the tags are arguably less important than the content. 

2) It is possible that this feature may be not technically straightforward to implement from a development standpoint (I truly have no idea on this though), and because of (1), they have not made it a priority.

3) It may require more computer resources than we are aware of to implement, or the resources it needs (e.g., tag list) may not be available when evernote is closed, and as a result and because of (1), they decided the tradeoff was not worth it. 


Again, just complete speculation, but because again, I think the general thought is that content is most important, and tagging can come later, regardless of technical ease or challenge, I have a feeling this is not a priority. 

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