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importing from Window-based Filemaker Pro v4, to Evernote

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I have a file of stories and illustrations, in multiple languages and with about 250 different themes ... I have no problem with Filemaker Pro only that with my new 64 bit system the old (very old!) version 4 will not work anymore. Checking, the newest version of Filemaker Pro is quite expensive, not sure if I want to get it. Does it make sense to import these 4,000 items into Evernote, and if so, how? Thank you!

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Hi - depending on how big these various files are,  you may not be able to import them into Evernote all at once - at least not to be available on different computers.  You have a note size limit,  and a monthly upload limit to protect.  The monthly limit is avoidable since all the notes could be imported into a 'local' (unsynced) notebook and then moved across into a synced notebook as your limit allows.  The note size limit is not avoidable - you may have to become a Premium user (if you aren't already) to acommodate larger notes.


Evernote doesn't have an import function that will deal direct with Filemaker,  but if you can export the stories from there as separate html / pdf / doc files,  you could use an 'import folder' to add them to your Evernotes.


There are a couple of things there that you might want to think about,  but if you want any more explanation please let us know...

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