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(Archived) resize panel annoyance


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Hello Evernote Users and Custodians,


This note applies to Evernote for Windows 7 (64 bit).


Does anyone else find it highly difficult to mouse over a panel divider to resize its width?


When I try to grab the panel divider with the mouse the double-arrow it quickly switches back to the regular pointer.  If I very slowly move the mouse I can transition to the double-arrow which seems to indicate that precision is ok; however, the slightest movement transitions back to the regular pointer.  To me this seems to indicate a low tolerance or pixel area issue, i.e., too few pixels for the mouse to grab.


This might not be a Windows-only issue becasue of a similar post:



I searched the google for registry hacks to change mouse properties but failed to find one that could vary the double-arrow transition.


Does anyone know of an Evernote hack to adjust the mouse hover sensitivity of the panel dividers?


Thanks for any help!


(A similar "too sensitive" quality of the mouse hover occurs in windows explorer.exe with resizing the preview panel.  It does not occur in other programs, acrobate.exe, for example.)





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I doubt that it's anything to do with mouse hover sensitivity; I think that it's more likely that it's just the width of the area available. Seems a little finicky, but not too difficult to locate them, at least on the machine I'm using this morning. I don't know of any hacks to change anything related to this.

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