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[suggestion] make tags more accessible for existing notes in windows 8 phone

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I use Evernote to keep different kinds of logs, like my Craft Beer Log.  I assign a 1-10 rating to each beer in the form of a tag (for example, Innis & Gunn Rum Cask is an "8" tag.


The problem with this in my Windows 8 Phone is that when I search "Innis & Gunn", it pulls up all my I&G beers...I scroll until I see Rum Cask, and tap it.  That opens up the note.  But I can not see what it is rated.  This is irritating when I am at the craft beer store and am trying to decide what beers to buy...I don't want to buy a beer that is rated a 4...but I can't remember what I rated every beer...so it is a pain in the neck to have to search....scroll...tap the note....click on the edit button...click on the more button...click on the tags button...scroll down to see which number is checked to see what I rated the beer.


Seems like it would be doable either to have the tags all visible on the note screen, or have a direct "tags" link on the note so it would pull up the tags for that note easily.




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Since there's no limit on the number of tags you can attach to a note,  showing tags on any screen is likely to be a bit of a problem - if there's more than one,  how do you decide which comes first?  Not saying it can't (or shouldn't) be done,  but it seems like one of those things that needs a bit of thinking before it gets rolled out,  hence probably why it's not currently available.  While the developers think that one through,  I think your only option is to put the rating in the title so when you see "Rum Cask 008" you know up front what score you gave..

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