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Skitch Feature Requests





I am not sure if this is the best way to submit feature requests, but it was the only place I could find. Hopefully someone from Evernote will see this. I would like to request a new feature for Skitch's interface (see attached image).


  • It would be great if there were two arrows on either side of the image in full in the editing mode where so that you could cycle through your screenshots.
  • Another UI suggestion would be to have a tray of photos pop up, or docked at the bottom of the editing window so that you could cycle through the images without having to always go back to the grid of images.
  • There used to be a feature in an older version of skitch that allowed you to screen capture a scrolling website. I often need to capture more of a website than I can see on the in one pane. I am currently using a combination of various screen capture tools to accomplish this since each one does it a little differently. Some are better for certain purposes.

Thanks for making such great software! I use it multiple times every day mostly for work and also for personal stuff.




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Hi there,

I also have a feature request.
It would be great if a staff member from Evernote could possibly implement a tick-box option for the default text to be without a border or with a border. It's a bit irritating to constantly remove the text border each time I write something, especially on a blank page with black text where the border is not really necessary.    

Great product and keep up the good work! 



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Piggybacking the improved text features: it would be nice to have strikethrough available. (Really, it would just be nice if Skitch could draw upon Evernote's font/text engine. 


I even tried placing a line above the text to fake an actual strikethrough text, but the text automatically surfaced to the top. Which brings to a second request: being able to manipulate multiple layers of stuff added to an image, controlling what appears above what when there's overlap. 

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