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OCR Question ("dual" OCR with Doxie Go?)

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In my workflow, it appears I have two OCR points:


1 - scan paper document using Doxie Go into Doxie software.  Doxie software provides option to save your PDF with OCR info.

2 - upon importing this OCR'd PDF into Evernote, I'm assuming that the PDF gets OCR'd again (I have Evernote Premium).


So, my question is this ... does Evernote ignore the OCR information from Doxie or is it recognized and used?  Or is the OCR effort in some way duplicated by Evernote?



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Thanks for that link - it explained a lot!


To follow up, I'm having trouble figuring out the pros and cons of having Doxie send a document as "PDF w/OCR" versus having Evernote do the OCR'ing.  Would an advantage of having Doxie take care of the OCR be this: if I ever decide to ditch my EN Premium account, I would still have OCR'd documents that I could export from EN?

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For me, that is the main one. If you search the forums for something like "Scansnap OCR" there has been a quite a bit of discussion on this with respect to the ScanSnap, but the same concept would apply to the Doxie.

Personally if it is something I care about, I OCR first.

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