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OneNote like editing

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I know the features comparison between EN and OneNote came up in this forum multiple times.  I couldn't help but going back to OneNote many times when it comes to plain note taking.  More importantly, Microsoft improved the OneNote experience across devices tremendously in the last few months.  I consider OneNote note taking experience superior to EN for many reasons.  

- I can click anywhere in the note and starts typing. This makes organizing the note easier.  I can also move/place the block of texts easily.

- Overall editor is very fluid and stable.  Especially when you have lots of formatting (lists, tables, and other content)


I was wondering if EN can give the feature of organizing the note by clicking anywhere in the editor.  

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This has been requested before. It would certainly be a quantum leap in terms of Evernote editing, which as many forum comments note, is pretty rudimentary, and even so has a problems (these differ, depending on which client you're talking about). So at a guess, you won't see this happening any time soon (and Evernote generally doesn't give out feature roadmaps anyways), but it's a fair request, and it would be pretty cool, actually.

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Too bad.  yes, the editor is very rudimentary and taking notes neatly in a very organized way is tough today.  i wish EN enhance their editor given that OneNote is catching up quickly with cross device support.  (I would switch completely the moment they release an OSX version).

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