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Best practices: submitting a support ticket

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Included below is a bit of guidance to any users who submit a ticket through support.  Following these best practices will ensure that you get your ticket answered as quickly as possible.


IMPORTANT FOR BASIC USERS: Going forward, we are focusing on self-support for free users. In the future, this is what support free users should be able to expect: 

  • Continually improving Community, guide, and self-help (Help Center) resources
  • Support from our agents for login/account access issues
  • Support from our agents for payment issues

For anyone submitting a ticket, including Basic, Plus, Premium, and Business users:

  1. Check the Help Center or forums. If it's a "how-to" related question or a common reported problem (like updating your email address) it's worth a quick search or two of the Help Center or here in the forums to identify a solution. It's faster, and you get that nice DIY endorphin kick when you fix yourself up.
  2. Gather what you know.  If you have already tried doing X, outline that you have tried that in the ticket. If you have supporting documentation (say a receipt for a refund or account upgrade) submitting that with the first ticket shortens the time it will take us to resolve the issue.
  3. Submit one ticket (per issue).  Submitting multiple ticket requests regarding the same issue actually slows us down in resolving your ticket and getting to other tickets in the queue.  If you have additional information you would like to add to a ticket, reply to the automatically generated email (that gives your ticket number) so that we can have all the pertinent info in one ticket.  If a support representative has to cross reference multiple tickets to get different pieces of intelligence on the same problem, merge and close multiple tickets, etc, it slows down the process of both resolving your ticket and getting to the next one in queue.  Additionally, new tickets will, by definition, be "further down" in the queue, so your first ticket will always be handled first.
  4. Make sure you receive a number.  If you have not received a ticket number, it's 100% likely we don't have your request in the system.
  5. "Feedback" in the apps is not the same as contacting customer support.  Feedback in app is a way for us to gather information about your experience with the app, and not two-way communicate with us.  The feedback may lead to bug fixing, etc, but to receive a response from a support employee, please submit a ticket.
  6. Premium and Plus makes a difference. We aim to have fast response times for all submitted tickets, but in times of higher than normal volume, being Premium or Plus will ensure you get to the front of the line.
  7. Use Premium Live Chat. When making your support request you have the option to reach out directly to an Evernote Support rep -or- submit a ticket. Use chat to begin talking to a representative quickly. 
  8. Reach out to us over social media
  9. Remember the tech is a human being. While some of our answers may contain pre-constructed instructions, each support ticket is read and responded to by a real, live human being.  Treat them as a tool to aid you in your request and they will help you until it is resolved. 

Thus equipped, head on over to: https://help.evernote.com

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