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Batch urls from notes

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I have been a premium member of Evernote for a few months now and have not had time to read through all the documentation for using Evernote in the most efficient manner.


However, today I took time to do so and can now see that all of my notes are pretty much useless in their present format. 


I have saved nearly 3,000 notes/web pages as 'Full Pages' using the Evernote web clipper. Yes, I am an idiot!


I have not added tags to any either and rather than have them as full pages, it would serve me much better if they were nothing more than a title, a url and a tag/s.


Apart from the obvious method of going through each one and adding tags individually, is there any way I can change all of them from 'full page' to what I need as above? I realise I need to change this in the web clipper from now on, but I am referring to the existing notes already within Evernote.


Thanks to anyone who can offer some advice.

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Hi - welcome to the Learning Curve Club!  It's occasionally frustrating to realise that there was a better way to do things - especially after a few thousand choices that you now know were not good..  but you have used your Upload Allowance to get those pages into Evernote,  and deleting them will make things tidier,  but not gain you any other advantange.  My advice would be to leave well alone for the pages already clipped,  and just use the new approach for new notes.  As you refer back to these pages for other reasons - in searches,  reference or just browsing - it would only take a few moments to Ctrl-A 'select all' and hit Delete.  The URL is already stored in the note header,  so you don't especially need to move it elsewhere,  but again you could if you find the note useful.  


In my experience,  about 50% of my clips are never referred to again (if only I knew in advance which half...) so should you wish to spend a day or two tidying up these notes,  you will just lose the time - and the notes you could have clipped during that period - without gaining any advantage.


Tidying notes - Curating - is something you take on when you start to build up a big library of information;  there's always tags to move,  titles to change,  content to edit,  notes to merge..  I have several t-shirts on all of the above.  I suspect we'll both get more as you learn more about Evernote and have that face-slapping moment of realising "that would have been so much simpler.."



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