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Outlook emails not received

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I just signed up for evernote and it's awesome, thanks for the great APP.


I plan on using the email function to sort out my important emails that I receive over my 4 email accounts I use for work/play unfortunately when I send an email from my work Outlook through my laptop or my Iphone the emails are not received by evernote.  I tested the same email address with my gmail and it works fine and is received in my main Inbox but the emails from outlook just never seem to make it to my folder.


Anyone else experience this?

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Try copying the emails to yourself as well as Evernote so you have the satisfaction at least of knowing the emails were sent.  Don't know why two different sets of emails would receive such different treatment,  but emails can take a while to arrive and/ or be processed.  Give it a day or so to be sure,  but if they're still not arriving raise a support ticket (see below) and let one of the techs have a look at this..

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