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How to get rid of/stop shortcuts on iPhone?

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I normally use my android tablets or Windows computer when working with Evernote. However, I do have a need to use it on my iPhone, and it turns out that there are different features across the platforms.

Unfortunately, I cannot get rid of the "shortcuts" to some of my notebooks on the iPhone, which it seems were created without my intervention. I think I can move the shortcuts area to the bottom of the list, but I'd rather understand how to un-select a notebook (and the notebook grouping). I looked for a star by the notebooks, but there isn't one I can find. I do not have access to an iPad; I have to do this on my iPhone.

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Ok so a few things:
Shortcuts are typically synced between devices (though this is a setting that can be changed). This is likely (but not necessarily certain) how they ended up on your phone, you set up shortcuts one your desktop or another device and those shortcuts propagated across your devices. This means if you modify the shortcuts on one device, that change will likely be reflected on your other devices. This setting can be changed in your application preferences, and I am not sure what the default is.
You'll have to consider this when you make changes. This also means you SHOULD be able to make a change tot he shortcuts on any of your other devices and that would be reflected on the iPhone.

But to the question at hand, how to change it on the iPhone:
Is a bit more roundabout than it should be. If you click on "shortcuts" from the home screen you'd expect to be able to edit them there. This is unfortunately NOT the case!
To get around this, enter "Shortcuts", tap on any shortcut in the list. Once you are in the notebook or note that you just tapped, tap the star button. You'll be presented again with a listing of your existing shortcuts, but at the top right you'll see the much needed "edit" button. You can tap this edit button and remove or reorder the shortcuts.

That being said, I don't know why you WOULDNT want a shortcut or two. I find these very handy (although their presentation in iOS is not as effective as it could be). Also, deleting all the shortcuts may NOT remove the shortcut field from the home screen, though I haven't tested this because i am not willing to delete my shortcuts :).

Hope this helps!

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