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I just got a new phone, going from a Atrix HD to a Moto X. I downloaded my Evernote and then I downloaded SMS to Evernote on my Moto X. I had not been on Evernote in a couple of weeks due to sending my phone to AT&T who received it, then promptly lost it. So, they sent me the Moto X.


When I downloaded Evernote I could not get my password to take on my cell or on my PC, so I changed both passwords. After I relogged back on it had updated Evernote. The "sync" button that was where I could easily find it, is NOW GONE! I have looked for it everywhere and I can't find it. How do I sync my PC with my cell and my notebook? 


I am not computer literate, so please keep instructions in simple english. 


Many thanks! :)

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The Android client will automatically sync on its own if you tell it to: Settings / Sync: you can change whether or not Evernote auto-syncs, and the sync frequency if auto syncing is enabled. In addition, on a phone form factor, you should be able to tap the menu (three vertical black dots at the bottom right of your screen), and tap the Sync command to force a sync at any time.

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