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(Archived) Use of Evernote by a corporate body

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Can you tell me whether it is possible for a corporate body to subscribe to Evernote?

I am thinking at this moment of a pension fund client of mine that needs a convenient way to maintain online a searchable archive of scanned documents.

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You're welcome to use your Evernote account for commercial purposes, within the general bounds of our Terms of Service (which mostly prevents technically abusive or illegal activities): http://www.evernote.com/about/tos/

Multiple individuals within a corporate organization are welcome to sign up for separate accounts, but we don't (yet) have any fancy tools for managing a group of subscriptions. This mean each person is an island, and each Premium subscription would need to be purchased individually.

In the future, we'd like to add some group accounting options to make this easier, so you could buy a block of subscriptions and control them from an administrative interface, but this is a ways in the future while we figure out the requirements, etc.

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Thank you for the very helpful response.

May I now ask something slightly different?

I work as a volunteer with a non-profit organisation that has an Evernote account. I have the task of clipping and storing online newspaper articles that are of interest to the organisation.

Is there any way in which I can update regularly a notebook on the organisation's database with the clippings that I store in mine?

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There's no direct way to do this through our UI, although someone could theoretically do this through our programming APIs.

We are hard at work on a set of features for sharing & collaboration that may allow you to achieve similar results directly from your own account by sharing one or more of your notebooks with your colleagues, or by editing notes in a colleague's notebook that was shared to you.

We'll have more information on this relatively soon.

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