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(Archived) OCR a pdf document

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If you attach a PDF document (like a scan) which hasn't been OCR'ed yet to a note, Evernote will make the PDF contents searchable from within Evernote. To determine whether Evernote should make the document searchable, Evernote uses criteria like absence of text in the document, file size not too large, etc. Details on these rules should be available on Evernote's support pages. However, when you export/open that PDF in an application other than Evernote, it will not be searchable nor will it contain OCR information. So, in order to have "proper" OCR which is searchable in Evernote and which survives export, you will need to use specific OCR software. If you have a scanner, chances are that some kind of OCR software is included.



P.S.: Evernote does offer exporting a "searchable" PDF -- Please note that this is not the same functionality as exporting an OCR'ed PDF. This export contains only the text, without any images, formatting, etc.

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