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(Archived) PDFs appearing as a ? on iPad

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Yesterday I imported a number of PDFs to Evernote via email. They all arrived in one note and I needed to categorise them so I did as told, dragged them out onto my desktop and back into the relevant notebooks. I was using Chrome on Windows.


Logging onto Evernote on my iPad I can't open any of these files. They appear with a question mark and when I click on them I'm given the option to Open in Documents or in Dropbox. I don't want to do either, I want to work in Evernote. (Screenshot attached)


They end in .url rather than .pdf ... I suspect I know what has happened, when I dragged them back in they were saved as the filename.pdf and also with the other info saved on the desktop icon (eg 191 bytes url) so now Evernote sees it as one long file name (eg evaluating.pdf191bytes.url) I have tried to change the PDF filenames within evernote but can't seem to be able to.


Any ideas on how I can proceed? I really need to be able to open these on my iPad.




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If you still have these files on desktop you will need to re-attach them to their note(s).  The thumbnail you included with this query shows very small files which as you say seem to be bookmarks.  Do you still have the original note with all the files included?  Could you work from that if you don't have access to the desktop files?

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