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(Archived) Tag coloring?



I've seen lots of suggestions on the forums about integration with calendars (gcal, ical, etc.), better tag sorting (users should be able to define orderings on their tags), searching using the nested tag hierarchy, recurring reminders, etc., all of which I think need to be implemented. But what about user-defined colors for tags? I haven't seen a post on colors, and they would make things much easier to keep track of.

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Also, when I search for tags (the tag icon on the upper right), the text box is really small. Is there a way to make it bigger? In addition, I would like to use the gray sidebar on the left for creating and editing tags. Currently, I can only delete tags there.

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well evernote does not publish their development "to-do list", so we really just have to roll with the punches here. Evernote staff DO read these forums, and some of your suggestions have been discussed by others at length (A quick search of the forum will reveal this). Evernote may or may not choose to pursue integrating some of these things so you just need to keep your fingers crossed! 

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