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(Archived) Unlimited Data Storage and Security?

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I assume with the free and premium accounts that all the uploads are stored on the Evernote server. So at 40M to 500M a month, does that mean that the Evernote server will retain all that information month after month and never delete anything? What if the Evernote server crashes or database gets corrupted, are there backups or will the users affected lose all their data? And is there a way to back up the database locally so it can be restored if the evernote server is unabled to access the data for whatever reason?

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You may store as much data in your account as you like, limited by 40/500MB of new data per month. We do not delete the data at any point, although we wouldn't discourage you from cleaning out stuff you don't want any more.

Each bit of your data is stored on at least 4 different hard drives across two different physical servers at all times. We also have nightly backups onto separate media so that we could recover from backups if necessary after a catastrophic problem.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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