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Bug when creating new notes, if title text is selected


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I just filed a bug on this (support ticket #282858) but in case anyone else experiences this or is searching for it, I wanted it to be public so as not to duplicate.



EN Public release (Win)



When creating a new note, if cursor is in the Title field of an existing note with some text highlighted, the new note will be created with an identical title and identical content.


Steps to repro:

1) create a note, title it "TEST NOTE 1"

2) for the body, type:






3) perform a sync

4) now, position the cursor in the note title

5) hit CTRL+A (select all) so the entire title is highlighted

6) click the "New Note" button in the EN toolbar

7) you will see a new (apparently blank) note is created but the title is already (incorrectly) set to "TEST NOTE 1"

8) now click back to the original note for a moment, and then click again on the NEW note (2nd note you created)

9) you will see all of a sudden, that new note has the same "one two three four five" content as the first note - even though you never typed anything into the body of that note.


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Anyone else notice this?

It persists even after many incremental updates.

I'm currently on the latest (271360) and it just happened to me again.

It's been months since I filed this, so I opened a new ticket — #447168

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