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(Archived) Auto-tag based on import type?

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Sorry if this is a FAQ; I've seen several similar questions but none exactly the same.

Is there a way to identify notes that were imported into Evernote by a particular mechanism? It would be really useful to be able to search for all notes that were web-clipped, all notes that were iPhone snapshots, all that were emailed, all that were screenshots ... Better yet, is it possible to set a default tag for each of those?

If not, then I'll request this as a feature. It would hugely speed up my Evernote workflow.

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some of this is possible directly in the client UI.

For example, if you look under Attributes > Source, you'll see that you can find notes that came from a "Web page". This will identify notes that have been clipped from the web.

The same is true for notes from mobile devices. To find images from mobile devices, you could combine that with a search for: Contains > Images

This could be Saved for re-execution later

Screenshots aren't specifically flagged.

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