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(Archived) synchronize to a different server; windows client vs. mac

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Hi, is there any way to set up evernote to synchronize to my own server rather than to the evernote.com servers? I realize that I'd lose the ability to use the web client but I would appreciate the additional security.

Also, an unrelated question: I'm kind of annoyed with the windows client because it's a headache to change the title of the note - In the mac client, I click "new note" and I get to enter the title right away. In windows, when I click new note, it seems that the only way to edit the title is to first type something in the note itself, let evernote set that as the default title of the note, then go back and click on the title and finally edit it. I just want to type a quick title first and then go on with writing the note itself. Small request, but still.



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Evernote is a service (like Skype, Gmail, etc.), and we don't have a version of our service that you can run locally.

Thanks for the feedback about usability of the clients. We're working on some changes to the Windows client UI that may address some of your concerns, but this won't be available for a while yet.


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I agree. I Vote for a local Server Sync. I Love Evernote and would purchase (at a reasonable price of course) just so I could sync right here at my home. I dont have any need for web notes. Right now Im using an open source tool called Tomboy which just recently released a Beta form of Local Server Syncing. This works on all Linux Flavors and PC. Not sure about Mac? I Think it does though, Almost positive it does because it requires Mono to use.

Evernote is laid out better than Tomboy but because Tomboy offers the Local Sync and works across 3 platforms those are the 2 note taking things I need. I Hope Evernote turns around, I Really enjoy using it. There is talk in the Tomboy forums about a Plugin for Tomboy to use Evernote though, I will post back when I find out more information on this.

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