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(Archived) Problems with changing email address

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I changed my email address on Evernote account, but here on the forum settings page it still shows my old email. When I tried changing it, I got a message that my current password is incorrect - I didn't forget or mistyped the password because it is the same password I used logging into forum. I tried several times to log in and out of Evernote - the password works.
Can anyone help?

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At a guess,  I'd sat that changes take a while to sync between the Evernote account page and the forums.  If you changed both at the same time,  the forum page may not have caught up yet.  The settings page also says - 


We will attempt to update your current session after your successful password change. If, however, you do experience difficulties, please try signing out and signing back in before contacting a staff member to help resolve the problem


 - so I'd suggest you try again and raise a support ticket (see below) if there's still a problem..

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The problem is not only with lack of sync, which takes too long now (still old email address on forum), but with error message appearing after I put the correct password. I happens every time I tried to change that email. Anyway, thanks for responding! I will try to contact the support.

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