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(Archived) Evernote, no good for lists

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Anyone else given up on using Evernote for lists you have to regularly append to? Trying to open up a note on IOS and appending to it is impossibly slow. On my windows machine I get "problems syncing with server" messages even after deleting the client and using revo uinstaller and reinstalling. Not to mention conflicting changed sprinkled throughout notes that there's no time to see "what" the changes were. So I figured I'd hopefully bypass this by using the website on a new Macbook pro, well what happens when I leave a note opened in a pinned tab in Firefox and go back to it... it's frozen, and takes a minute or two to open.


I've been a paying member for a long time and seeing updates like "business card scanning" and the like while nothing about speed or bug fixes is frustrating. Anyway, rant over, I'll just use simplenote for lists.

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